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As part of a 'Design Studio' class, I was tasked with designing a brand identity system and a set of infographics for Knoll's Workplace Research Library.


7 Weeks

April–May 2020


This was a solo project.


Create a brand identity system and visualize the content of a research paper for comprehension by a wide audience.


The first part of the assignment was to design a brand identity system, including static and dynamic logos, for Knoll's Workplace Research Library.

Static Logo


I began the design process by watching a lecture provided by Linda Durant, a sales representative at Knoll, about the company's history and ethos. One of the key

takeaways was that Knoll was highly focused on flexibility, modularity, and adaptability.


After sketching out various ideas (the iterations can be found HERE), I settled on the design of a mark inspired by sliders, which allow you to adjust settings to suit your preferences, thus highlighting Knoll's key foci. The slider knobs are an abstraction of

one of Knoll's table designs.

While my initial sketches utilized Knoll's classic orange color, I eventually transitioned

into using pink as the warm color in the palette as it felt more modern and had less of an elementary feel when paired with other colors. As the research library is intended to stand as a separate entity, I decided that it retaining the typeface while using new colors was an interesting way to branch out from the main branding and that the Knoll logo mark could still be brought back in as necessary, even if the orange is not used as a key color.






Refinements_Single Color.png

Single Color

Dynamic Logo


When making the logo dynamic, I endeavored to further emphasize the concept

of using sliders to adjust settings.

Short Loop

Extended Loop


The second stage of the project involved selecting one of Knoll's research papers and creating a set of infographics to visualize the data from it.

Selecting The Paper

The available papers were:

I chose the 'Modern Medicine' paper primarily because it ties into my interest in designing and developing digital health products that allow for more personalized treatment, monitoring, and management. I found the links between the delivery of care and the design of the actual environment very insightful, and think they could be used to inform future designs of mine.


The paper discusses the ways in which the delivery of healthcare has evolved, and how the design of healthcare environments and settings should reflect these changes. In particular, healthcare is much more personalized, efficient, flexible, and autonomous, which is largely due to the influx of digital health technologies, such as automated data management systems, wearable devices, and mobile- and web-based health applications. 


Healthcare environments can be made more personal and human-centered in a variety of ways, including addressing the needs of family and staff as well as patients, providing patients with an element of control, providing a variety of spaces and furniture options to choose from, and encouraging patient mobility.



When it came to designing the infographics, I started by dividing the paper into three sections so that the information could be visually broken down into more manageable chunks: 

  • Triple Aim Concept

  • Healthcare Environments I - Settings and Delivery

  • Healthcare Environments II - Strategies and Solutions

I then designed icons for each of the different sections (the full set can be found HERE) and then began to sketch infographic layouts inspired by the brand identity parameters set out in the earlier stages of the project.


After creating and reviewing the initial layouts, I decided to design a mobile app and make the infographics interactive, rather than presenting them as static posters. This would make them more engaging, and allow for less information to be displayed at once, thereby reducing cognitive overload.


Some stills from the app and a video walkthrough can be found below.

3 Screen Mockup.png

Showroom Installations


I then applied the various assets to a few of Knoll's showroom images to give an idea of how they would work together in space.

Modern Medicine Room.png
Title Wall 2.png


This project provided me with a lot of new insight into how healthcare environments are designed, managed, and run, as well as affording me the opportunity to further explore motion graphics, environmental design, and icon creation.

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